Why Didn't They Fly The Terror Plane On A Sunday?

Perhaps the most insane aspect of yesterday’s terror plane incident is that it took place at 10 am on a Monday morning. There’s a lot of competition for this category, so this might need some explantion.

You see, early blue sky mornings still have a bit of an ominous feeling about them. There’s a few thousand ghosts that haunt New Yorkers on those perfect days when the sun is shining and a slight breeze is blowing off the water. For most of us it’s an unwelcome although thankfully passing thought: it was a day just like this.

An afternoon fly-by would have been inexcusable. But conducting the fly-by at an hour so close to the hour of the deadly attack of 2001 is an indicator of something beyond tone-deafness. It’s beyond carelessness, a step further than recklessness. The word maniacs would be a fitting description except that it misses the banality of the time-serving bureaucrats like Louis Caldera who authorised this mission. Perhaps we need a new word: banaliacs.

Why wouldn’t they have conducted the mission on a weekend, when the office buildings that were terrorized yesterday would have been mostly empty? At the very least, they would have terrorized far few people. The level of stupidity involved is unbelievable. In fact, it is so unbelievable that many people don’t believe it. They assume that there must be something else going on, some cover-up or conspiracy. After all, the people running our government cannot really be that stupid can they?

Well, frighteningly, yes. They can. There’s no use concocting comforting conspiracy theories when the truth is just explained by banality, recklessness and stupidity.

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