Why Didn't Patrick Keane Go To Yahoo?

Patrick Keane

After former Associated Content CEO Patrick Keane sold the company to Yahoo for about $100 million two months ago, most of us figured he’d join Big Purple post-haste.

He hasn’t and he won’t. How come?

One former Yahoo exec says he warned Patrick not go to Yahoo because it’s a place where one person by himself can’t get much done. He said you’ll try to do something and someone will complain: “That’s engineering’s role. Stay in your lane.”

That’s life at a big company, of course.

(And by the way, Googlers can laugh, but we hear working at Google these days doesn’t feel all that different.)

Another source still at Yahoo, one who came in through an acquisition, defends the company: “The good thing about Yahoo is: they have cash. They can do sh-t.”

He says Patrick is a free agent for a much simpler reason: Who wouldn’t want to be a free agent?

Patrick just proved to the entire startup world that he can sell a company for a $100 million less than a year after it got left at the altar by another big suitor.

That’s impressive enough for people to notice, and we’re sure Patrick will have plenty of choice going forward. We hear Foursquare, which just took a lot of funding, is looking for business-side leadership. So maybe Patrick will look there.

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