Why Did UAE Government Workers Just Get A 70% Pay Raise?

A reader sends along an interesting story from UAE’s The National concerning public sector pay, though we’re not quite sure what to make of it. Certainly a 70% increase in pay is not the kind of thing one would typically expect from a government that’s getting financially shellacked.

Emiratis working for the federal Government will receive a 70 per cent rise in their basic salary.

Yesterday’s announcement means the basic monthly salary of ministerial undersecretaries, who are at the highest grade of federal government positions, will increase from Dh31,250 (US$8,500) to Dh53,125. The lowest-grade government workers will see their basic pay rise from Dh1,175 to Dh2,000.

The scale also applies to jobs at bodies under the jurisdiction of the federal Government, including nurses and doctors in Ministry of Health hospitals, and teachers in state schools. The new levels do not apply to expatriates working in the same roles.

Also interesting are the comments, which draw attention to the plight of Asian expats:

It’s sad and discriminating reading salary pay for employees which doesn’t reflect on our pay slip.

We expatriates especially Asians bear the discriminating effect of this.

I just hope that when officials announce salary increase, it reflects on our pay slip..Not just a mere propaganda and enticing to the eyes of everybody showing UAE, as a place to envy with…

Rodel Mulao, Abu Dhabi

Added: 12/21/09 10:34:00 PM

Mounir S. PLs try to be a human first .regret for ur comment but if every expat had thought like that UAE would never b where it is now forget abt other govt objectives.Better understand that first. good to know that at least some one is getting a payrise in these conditions. But never offend anyone.Ever imagined the cost of living here .Its same for everyone here. Some gets more pay some gets less.i hope u realise the economic conditions here dont u.This is just a cold realisation for all residents of UAE. just try to think in a much more broader sense rather than small goals . As for the pay hike its a good move by uae Govt to support uae citizens & may be some expats. Congrats to those who get the benefits

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