Why Did John Malone Just Sell $17.5 Million Of IAC? (IACI)

John Malone’s Liberty Media Corp sold about $17.5 million worth of IAC (IACI) stock in the past couple weeks. The WSJ noticed the transactions and offered these speculations about their cause:

  • Malone could be selling IAC to offset a $1 billion windfall from Sprint Nextel. Liberty wrote down $440 million worth of IAC stock as without “prospects of near-term recovery”in Q3.
  • Malone could be acting on a personal grievance against IAC chairman Barry Diller, with whom he spent more than a few days in court in 2008, fighting over Diller’s control over the company despite Liberty’s majority stake.

We would add: Maybe Malone knows something about IAC’s online business — some say its propped up by spammy toolbars and search advertising arbitrage — that the rest of us don’t and is getting out while the getting is good — or at least not completely terrible.

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