Why Can't App Makers Translate Facebook Success To MySpace?

We hear plenty of carping from successful Facebook app developers that they have yet to see much benefit from being on MySpace, chiefly because of limits that News Corp. (NWS) has put on the “virality” of their apps. Here’s some anecdotal proof: There’s virtually no overlap between the top applications on Facebook (click on “Most Active Users” tab), and most popular apps on MySpace.

There are only 4 overlaps among the 15 most popular on each site: Slide’s SuperPoke! and TopFriends, Flixter’s movie app, and Zynga’s Texas HoldEm Poker app. Note that these aren’t apples to apples comparisons: Facebook’s chart tracks active users, and MySpace uses total installs. But given that MySpace’s apps are only a few months old, we think the comparison holds for now.

Facebook Apps with “Most Active Users”

MySpace Apps with “Most Installs”

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