This hybrid mattress will give you a great night’s sleep – here’s why

Meet the revolutionary Noa, one of the only brands in the world to have engineered a premium hybrid mattress delivered for free in a box.

The Noa mattress is no ordinary mattress.

Founded by Jeremy Kopek and Jean-Claude Renaud, Noa has perfected the hybrid mattress through its unique manufacturing process that keeps the integrity of a hybrid mattress while still allowing it to compress into convenient boxed delivery.

The duo previously worked in furniture and e-commerce alongside top-tier factories for over a decade. They bootstrapped the business and then managed to turn a profit within the first four weeks of operation.

“I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work in the retail industry (focus on furniture) for more than a decade, developing relationships with the very best factories in the world while, more importantly, understanding what consumers want in home goods,” said Kopek.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a coil or spring supported mattresses with layers of latex and/or memory foam. It has blended the best design elements of a spring mattress and a memory foam-only mattress – creating the best of both worlds.

The Noa team specially engineered this mattress so that it could offer the not only the remarkable comfort of innovative latex and memory foam but also the support of springs for a good night’s sleep, a design flexible enough to roll up and pack into a box. It even isolates motion so that even the most restless partner won’t disturb your sleep.

Sweet, sweet airflow

Often foam-only mattresses provide limited airflow as they trap your body heat beneath you, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep.

The Noa mattress has found a solution to this problem.

The mattresses are fit with a cooling gel layer and a multilayering technique that maximises comfort.

Image: Supplied.

Premium mattresses at a low cost

Noa cuts out the middle man and doesn’t have any showrooms, which allows them to offer a premium product that cost thousands less than its competitors.

It’s made from the same premium, certified and eco-friendly materials that you’d get in a high-end hotel, so you can have the feeling of waking up like you’re on a holiday in your own home. The total thickness of the mattress is comparable to most top-tier mattresses, at 28cm (or 11”), with the majority of the mattress height coming from the pocket spring layer.

You can order a Noa mattress online and get a 100-day trial of a Noa mattress. If you’re not happy with your sleep, Noa will coordinate a free pick up for you and all returned mattresses are proudly donated to charity.