This Is Why The Denver Broncos Need To Trade Tim Tebow

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Why does everyone think the Denver Broncos are going to trade Tim Tebow even though he won them a playoff game last year and Peyton Manning still isn’t fully recovered from a serious neck injury?Simply put, Manning chose Denver because he’ll have free reign to run his own offensive system (which wouldn’t be the case elsewhere). As a result, the Broncos need a back-up who is able to run that system should Manning get injured.

Tebow isn’t that guy.

He succeeded last year because John Fox had the courage to trash his offence and install a system that catered to Tebow’s strengths and weaknesses. But putting Tebow in an offence built for Manning would be a disaster, just like putting Manning in Denver’s high-school-level Tebow offence last year would have been a disaster.

Yes, the Broncos definitely need a solid Plan B if Manning never recovers. But despite his heroics last year, Tebow just doesn’t fit in Denver anymore.