Life Expectancy Is Rising Faster In NYC Than Anywhere Else In The Country

New york City

Call it an Orwellian nanny state if you will, but a new study by British journal The Lancet finds that Manhattanites during the reign of Michael Bloomberg have tacked on 10 years to their life expectancy compared to rates for the rest of the nation.

That means life expectancy in New York City is rising faster than it is anywhere else in the United States.

And this isn’t just the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene patting themselves on the back, either. Lancet researchers — with no prodding from the city —  attributed the increase to various New York City health initiatives like raising HIV awareness to banning indoor smoking and trans fat consumption.

They also say the city has been a tremendous public health advocate during the past two decades through its campaigns to expand bicycle lanes and create anti-obesity advertisements. 

With the city on the cusp of banning XL sized soft drinks, Bloomberg once again seems to be getting the statistical proof that says his controversial policies are working. According to The Lancet, Manhattanites can now expect to live until the age of 82, which means they’ll have a few more years to send crotchety letters to the mayor’s office.

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