Why Bloggers Love, Hate Digg

Allen Stern does a nice job summing up our feelings about Digg: We love the crack hit of traffic it can deliver. But we’re not convinced it’s that good for us in the long run.

Digg today is not the same as Digg a year ago. While it can still help you find good stories and sends a massive amount of traffic to a site, the ability to generate inbound links and new subscribers has basically become non-existent.

OK, but the Internet’s an instant-gratification medium, right? Shouldn’t we be happy for any eyeballs we get, no matter how get them? Mmmmmmaybe. Not only are Diggers much less likely to click on a Web site’s ads, they’re less likely to see them altogether. Allen estimates that half of all Digg users have installed ad-blocking software.

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