The Only Reason Bang With Friends Exists Is Due To This Flaw On Other Dating Sites

colin hodge bang with friendsColin Hodge

Bang With Friends CEO Colin Hodge says that regular online dating sites have a flaw that actually makes it difficult for women to find sex partners.

(Of course, to believe Hodge’s rationale here you have to accept that women find it difficult to find guys to have sex with. But anyway.)

The problem is the binary nature of the choices dating sites give you when they ask what you’re looking for in a relationship. The “fun” or “casual sex” choice is either on or off. If it’s on, women get inundated with requests from random men. If it’s off, in favour of  “looking for a relationship,” then their desire for sex is actually screened

Hodge told Valleywag how he figured this out while attending a business incubator in San Mateo called Boost:

In the year and a half he spent in the industry, said Hodge, women complained in customer interviews that there was no place they could find short-term sex partners “without looking like a total, you know, tramp.” Craigslist or Adult FriendFinder seemed too extreme—and if they checked the “casual sex” box on sites like OkCupid, they were immediately overwhelmed with messages. On the flip side, dating site regulars said they would meet people who claimed to be “looking for a relationship” only because they were worried about being filtered out otherwise.

BWF (allegedly) solves this problem by only hooking up women with men they’re already interested and who they know are already interested right back at them.

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