Why Are Yahoos Quitting Again?

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Is the Carol Bartz honeymoon over inside Yahoo?

Until this week, we could have sworn the mass executive exodus from Yahoo’s Sunnyvale headquarters was finally abating.

At two Yahoo events over the past three weeks, we heard nothing but glee over Carol’s take charge attitude.

But then yesterday, we learned:

  • Josh Jacobs, VP and GM of ad platform strategy, left Yahoo for Glam media
  • Connected TV boss Patrick Barry quit to pursue “new projects.”
  • Dave Dickman, Yahoo’s head of sales for the Western/Midwest Region, joined Warner Bros. as a SVP

What’s going on at Yahoo? We have three theories:

The Microsoft search deal killed employee morale. A couple weeks after signing the search deal with Microsoft, Carol sent an email to employees, telling them to “Stop staring at our navels, stop arguing with each other.” Sources tell us that deal definitely killed some of Carol’s aura in Sunnyvale. People who decided to quit then would probably just be starting new jobs now.

It’s just that time of year. Q3 is over, options are vesting and its time to go.

These are the losers in the Carol era. Maybe overall morale isn’t down and these are executives who have lost power under Carol.

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