Why Apple Keeps Hiring Chip Gurus

Apple’s (AAPL) growing chip business includes two recent, high-profile hires: Raja Koduri from AMD’s ATI unit, and his former colleague Bob Drebin, whose hiring we covered earlier this week.

Why is Apple putting so much money into chips? In a 575 word blog post, the WSJ’s Yukari Iwatani Kane explains. Here’s the bullet-point version:

  • Power reduction. Apple wants to make more energy efficient chips so its gadgets can last longer per battery charge than its competitors’.
  • Graphics and video. Combining low-power technology with advanced graphics and video technology could make Apple’s iPhones and iPods — and gadgets like the forthcoming “media pad” — even better.
  • Maybe computers. Apple uses Intel (INTC) chips for now, but who knows what the Mac will run on in five years.

In a separate story, Kane trolled LinkedIn to find out how many Apple employees list past expertise in chips: More than 100.

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