Apple is totally obsessed with this hipster bakery in San Francisco

Apple has a lot of love for San Francisco’s hipsters. Earlier this week, BuzzFeed pointed out that the tech giant’s Apple Watch website catered to their interests, with references to bicycling and street art.

Most noticably, there are half a dozen references to Tartine, a small bougie bakery and café in San Francisco’s Mission District. Customers queue up around the block and shell out upwards of $US10 for some decadent pastries.

The James Beard-winning bakery is famous for its breads, made from locally milled organic flours, sea salt, water, and wild yeast, and baked on a stone hearth in-house. In April, Tartine merged with Silicon Valley’s favourite coffee house, Blue Bottle, and announced plans to expand to Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo within the year.

The Apple Watch website showers Tartine with affection in its screenshots of the product. Below is a reminder for lunch with Ken at Tartine.

Can’t get enough of that Tartine.

Here’s a more subtle nod to the bakery’s location.

And a more obvious reference, with Tartine pinned on the map.

Here’s what it’s like at Apple’s beloved bakery. In the a.m., customers line up to get their hands on Tartine’s signature breakfast item: the morning bun.

Sunlight streams into the high-ceilinged café.

Hip graphic prints adorn the walls.

The mouthwatering aroma of baked goods emerging from the oven fills the space.

How’s a techie to decide what to order? Here’s the popular morning bun, topped with cinnamon sugar and candied orange. It costs $US4.20. Coincidence?

The Croque Monsieur layers melted bechamel, gruyere, and ham on a crisp, thick-cut slice of levain bread. It costs a cool $US10.75.

The menu offers both savoury and sweet treats, such as the brioche bread pudding topped with seasonal fruits.

With Blue Bottle raising $US70 million in venture capital this week, could Tartine be Silicon Valley’s next biggest venture? Stop by 600 Guerrero Street in San Francisco’s Mission District and judge for yourself.

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