Here's Why Apple Is Suddenly Hiring Dozens Of Engineers In Israel

bob mansfield

Photo: Apple

Apple is taking full advantage of the recent layoffs at Texas Instruments in Israel.In November, Texas Instruments laid off about 250 employees in Israel as part of a worldwide effort to reduce its workforce by 1,700 people. 

Now Apple is poaching those employees to beef up its engineering staff at its research and development centres in Hertezliya and Haifa, Matt Brian of The Next Web reports.

The engineers from Texas Instruments will focus on chip development, analogue, and hardware testing and verification.

As The Next Web reports, those engineers will likely work under Bob Mansfield, who recently started overseeing Apple’s new Technologies group.

Apple started looking for Israel-based engineers to work in its Haifa research centre back in January, and hoped it would open by the end of February. But the centre has yet to open. 

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