17 Reasons Why Sergio Garcia Is The Most Hated Golfer In America

sergio garcia 2002 us open

In a surreal moment, some fans cheered when Sergio Garcia hit two-straight balls in the water at the Players Championship earlier this month.

His tantrums, complaining, and Ryder Cup dominance has turned him into the sport’s greatest villain since he burst onto the scene in 1999.

Here’s why.

He throws temper tantrums all the time

Source: AdamSarson

He bent down and spit directly into the cup after missing a par putt at a tournament in 2007

Source: ESPN

He once threw he club in a lake

He reportedly gave a fan the middle finger at the 2002 US Open

Source: PGA

He destroyed a microphone after a bad shot at last year's US Open

He's a complainer

He hates Augusta National because it's too hard

Source: Golf.com

He says he's not good enough to win a major

Source: Golf Channel

He blamed a bad shot at the 2013 Players on Tiger Woods taking a club out of his bag

He blamed his poor play in the spring of 2009 on getting dumped by Greg Norman's daughter Morgan-Leigh

Source: Golf.com

He partially blamed his 2007 British Open collapse on grounds crew members who raked a bunker too slowly, delaying his shot on the 18th hole

Source: NYT

He complained that play should have been stopped due to rain during the 2002 US Open

Source: Chicago Tribune

He says he doesn't play as well in majors because he doesn't like playing by himself

Source: Golf.com

At least he's an admitted complainer

He used to play unbearably slow

But he's really good! No one would care about him if he wasn't in the top-20 for a decade

And he has obliterated the US in the Ryder Cup. There's nothing worse for fans than a petulant player who constantly CRUSHES you

Now see what drives his arch nemesis

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