Here's Why All Of New York City Smells Like Smoke Today

The stench from a brush fire in southern New Jersey has spread all the way to New York City, creating a haze in some areas and a noticeable smoky smell throughout the city.

The fire, which was about 90 miles from Manhattan, burned about two square miles in Wharton State Forest on Sunday, according to the Associated Press.

Check out some of the photos:

The fire has cast a haze over the city:

Winds are likely to blame for carrying the smoke to New York City, according to NBC New York. The smoke is hovering near the ground because of an atmospheric pattern that prevents air from rising.

The smell should lift in about eight to 12 hours, according to NBC.

Smoke could be seen for miles. The fire has been contained but is not yet completely extinguished.

It’s so far unclear what caused the fire.

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