Why Advertisers Love That You Surf The Net And Watch TV At The Same Time

We all do it, sometimes.

Surfing the net while watching television is becoming increasingly common.

And the good news for advertisers is that people who do this are more likely to remember what they saw in the ad breaks.

TV programmers and advertisers are beginning to realise the potential of having audiences with more information at their fingertips.

In the latest quarter to September 2013, people who use the internet while watching TV are 73 per cent more likely to look up a website because of something they’ve seen on TV.

And compared to the average Australian they are 25 per cent more likely to find TV advertising interesting.

George Pesutto of Roy Morgan Research says this second-screen phenomenon may appear to be diverting attentions away from the TV, perhaps at a cost to advertising awareness.

“However our research shows that people who use the internet while watching TV are more likely to enjoy and respond to TV advertising compared with the average Australian.”

Since the end of 2010, the proportion of Australians who enjoy being online at the same time as they watch TV has grown by 9 percentage points to 35 per cent.

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