An activist group that holds companies involved in #metoo allegations accountable explains why it hasn't gone after CBS and Les Moonves

  • The activist Twitter account Sleeping Giants is laying off CBS amidst the ongoing investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against CEO Les Moonves – for the time being.
  • The group is holding back and letting the investigation play out.
  • Previously, Sleeping Giants has publicly pressured brands to stop supporting Breitbart as well as several Fox News shows.

Activist social account Sleeping Giants isn’t sleeping on CBS.

But when it comes to the ongoing string of claims regarding CEO Les Moonves’ alleged behaviour toward women, Sleeping Giants is taking a wait-and-see approach.

The activist Twitter handle, which is run by a pair of veteran ad industry freelancers and has more than 175,000 followers, has made its name by publicly challenging advertisers over their support of what it deems as offensive content.

Its describes itself as “a campaign to make bigotry and sexism less profitable.”

Sleeping Giant previously went after Bill O’Reilly following allegations against the former Fox anchor. It has also encouraged boycotts of right-leaning publication, Breitbart.

“After the election, we just couldn’t believe that the guy who pushed Breitbart’s racism and bigotry was going to be in the White House,” a proprietor for Sleeping Giants told GQ. “They were using their influence to attack immigrants and women. They were anti-LGBT. They had a “Black Crime” articles tag. It was just gross.”

But as CBS’s Moonves faces allegations of him forcibly kissing and even pinning down one woman, per The New Yorker, Sleeping Giants is holding back.

“We’re waiting to see what happens with this [CBS] investigation,” said a spokesperson. “We’ll keep pressing for answers, though, if it goes on too long.”

So far, there’s been no sign of advertisers pulling ads from CBS, as Business Insider reported. That could change, of course, depending on how the investigation develops.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times reported that the CBS’ board of directors has known about a police investigation into allegations against Moonves for months.

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