Why social media star Elliot Tebele gave up on Tumblr

You probably know comic Elliot Tebele from one his many Instagram accounts. Or maybe Twitter. Or maybe Facebook. He’s the guy behind the social media empire with the name we can’t fully share in our family friendly publication: F–kJerry.

You likely don’t know him from Tumblr anymore, even though Tumblr is where he got his start in 2014.

But after a snafu with his Tumblr password kept him from posting to his Tumblr for a while, he gave up on it.

While he got the password thing working again quickly, “It came down to manpower,” a source close to Elliot told Business Insider. “Elliot, who to this day still posts every piece of content himself on all 15 accounts we run, is spread very thin. So when Instagram started blowing up, he decided to shift from Tumblr to Instagram as his main platform.”

And that says a lot about the blogging website that Marissa Mayer bought for $1.1 billion in 2013, a shocking amount of money at the time.

As Yahoo discusses selling itself, it still sees Tumblr as a key to its turnaround. On Wednesday it announced that Tumblr will allow its users to host live video on their blogs.

While Tumblr still has a lot of vibrant blogs and communities, Instagram seems to rule today, with Snapchat coming on strong. As Mashable recently reported, Tumblr went from one of the Top 10 most downloaded iOS apps on the App store before Yahoo bought it, to dropping out of the top 100, according to app-tracking firm App Annie.

As Business Insider previously reported, the integration of Tumblr and Yahoo, particularly its sales teams, didn’t go too well.

In the meantime, at least one social media star has moved on, too.

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