Whose is Bigger? Apple's or Google's? (AAPL/GOOG)

We challenged readers a while back to name one company that was better positioned to become the first trillion-dollar company than Google.  One reader suggested Apple.  After rip-roaring Q3 results from both companies, here’s where things stand:

Market Cap:

Apple:      $152 billion
Google:    $203 billion

Operating Income (Last 12 Months)

Apple:      $4.4 billion, up 76% 
Google:    $5.5 billion, up 53%

Market Share in Key Markets (a.k.a., Share Growth Potential)

Apple:      6% PCs, >75% Music (songs/devices)*, <10% iPhones
Google:    >60% Search

Current Management / Leadership

Apple:      Awesome
Google:    Awesome

Bottom line: Google has a solid lead, but Apple actually has a hidden advantage of having less market share in key growth markets (and a monopoly in music, which is still an emerging market).   Place your votes below.   (*Originally said “iPods”)

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