Who’s Really Giving Away Rupert Murdoch’s Money?

rupert murdoch

The notable thing about Rupert Murdoch donating a million bucks to the Republican Governors Association is not that he’s risking general censure and opprobrium with this donation, but that he’s donating money at all. Murdoch hates the idea of giving away money for nothing. The simple public relations idea of courting goodwill by donating an infinitesimal part of your wealth to a charity of your choice is anathema to Murdoch. He thinks the rich guys who do it are phonies. He’s always irritated with his 102-year-old mother for supporting Australian charities—in this regard he rather thinks she’s a phony.

Nor does he like giving money to politicians. He thinks they’re greedy, believes the money is never well spent, and, to boot, that he supports them enough already.


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