Who's Going To Make Tons Of Money With A Facebook Mac App?

facebook ipad

It’s probably coming. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that the company isn’t planning an iPad app because the iPad is a computer, not a mobile device, meaning it’s fine to use the browser to fill your facebooking needs.

Whatever you think of that rationale, it’s been a huge boon to makers of unofficial Facebook apps for the iPad, particularly Friendly, which has seen 1.5 million downloads of the mostly-paid app. Wow. Of course, Facebook might change its mind (if only after seeing the huge demand for such an app), but in the meantime that’s probably over a million dollars in the bank for Friendly’s 5-person developer, Oecoway.

Anyway, if Facebook thinks it shouldn’t make an iPad app because the iPad isn’t mobile, it’s certainly not going to make a Mac app. Which probably means there’s an opening for someone to do so. Why would people buy a Mac app to browse Facebook when they can just go for free on their browser? For the same reason people do on the iPad, we guess. We wouldn’t pay for a Facebook iPad app, but over a million people have.

Get on it, developers! The train’s about to leave the station.

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