Who's Going To Make Money In Music?

We surveyed the music industry yesterday and declared that it’s likely to become a “modest, niche business.” But there are still plenty of opportunities to make money in a niche business.

Who’s going to figure out how to do that? We doubt it’s going to happen at the big music labels, who have both enormously valuable catalogues and enormous channel conflicts that make it difficult for them to really exploit them. That leaves plenty of room for nimble innovators.

American Airlines willing, we’ll be talking about those opportunities today with two investors — Paul Santinelli of North Bridge Venture Partners and Chris Fralic of First Round Capital — at the “Leadership Music Digital Summit” in Nashville.

Our hunch: Paul and Chris are more interested in funding services that touch the music business, not actual music production or distribution businesses.

But let’s try a crowd-sourcing experiment: Where do you think investors can make money in music? Send us your best bets (we’re happy to hear your other thoughts, too) to pkafka AT alleyinsider DOT com and we’ll run them by Paul and Chris today. We’ll report back tomorrow.

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UPDATE: Thanks for all your suggestions. We ran them by Chris and Paul, but we have to report that they’re not terribly eager to pony up. Details here.

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