Are We 'A--hole Sexist Pigs'?

Yesterday, we posted on “10 Rock Star Tech Execs You’ve Never Heard Of.”

Several of our readers said we blew it.


No women were included.

Here’s what some readers said:

“You couldn’t find a single woman in the entirety of Silicon Valley? Is this because you didn’t look or because there aren’t any?”

“It’s an egregious oversight — there are plenty of women who could have been featured.”

“Wow – yet another list with no women on it. Are you really that lazy of a writer? Founders of BlogHer perhaps? Kate Thorp? Leah Culver? Mena Trott? Really, do your homework before putting up a hacked list like this.”

“No women, fucking arsehole sexist pigs! One to add the list I think, personally is Carol Bartz, former CEO of Autodesk, and now CEO of Yahoo. She’s a fucking sailor, and isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks! She’s fucking awesome!”

OK, then!

But a few points in our defence.

First, we did consider women. Two we considered were Google VP Marissa Mayer and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. But this was a list of “rock stars you’ve never heard of” and pretty much everyone has heard of Marissa and Sheryl (and Carol Bartz, for that matter).  The executives we chose at both companies who were less heralded  — Facebook VP Chris Cox and Google SVP Jonathan Rosenberg. Unlike Marissa and Sheryl, neither of those two men have ever been featured in glossy magazine profiles.

And we realised there were no women on our list before we published it — but since we didn’t go specifically looking for men when we put the list together, we thought it would be wrong to go specifically looking for women to add to the list just to have a woman on it.

We also, gulp, believe this is the industry’s problem, not ours.  If the question is: “Why aren’t there any women on our list?” Our first answer would be: “There aren’t that many women in tech.” According to the U.S. Bureau of labour Statistics, women held only 26.7 per cent of computer and mathematical positions in 2006.

And maybe we overlooked thousands of amazing rock stars of tech that even WE had never heard of! Which is why we’d like readers to submit nominations for WOMEN Rock star tech execs you’ve never heard of.  Please do so by emailling [email protected] or commenting on this post.

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