Whoops, Someone Forgot To Tell America That Romney Is Now The Frontrunner

Mitt Romney smiling

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The media has decided that Romney is the frontrunner again, and that Newt is back to his implody ways.Someone just needs to convey that now to the rest of America.

The Hill:

Gingrich leads by 6 points, according to Gallup’s national daily tracking poll, with 31 per cent compared to Romney’s 25 per cent.

Earlier this week, Gingrich surpassed Romney nationally for the first time in a month. Romney had a 24-point national lead as recently as Jan. 14, but since then the trends for the two front-runners have reversed course.

Despite topping out at 31 per cent, Gingrich has managed to stretch his lead over the last few days with Romney dropping 4 points this week.

Yes, yes, we know. National polls supposedly don’t matter in a primary. Whatever.