Whole Foods just took an extreme step to shake its 'whole paycheck' image

Whole foods coffeeWhole Foods on FacebookWhole Foods is selling coffee for cheap

Whole Foods is trying to prove it’s an affordable place to shop.

Whole Foods’ new campaign, which started September 14 and goes through November 9, features a deal for 25 cent coffee.

The brand will also do $US500 grocery giveaways and do weekly discounts on selective products, the company said in a release..

“We are looking forward to deepening our connections with customers and saying ‘thank you’ and ‘we love you,'” the company’s executive vice president of operations David Lannon said in a press release.

Whole Foods is offering drip coffee for a quarter all day with the hope of driving traffic to the store.

Once customers are enticed with coffee, they might start buying groceries at the retailer as well.

After Whole Foods CEO admitted to charging customers too much, this campaign might also be a ploy to win back shoppers’ trust.

Traditional grocery stores like Kroger are now offering more organic selections, meaning that Whole Foods will have to step up its game to compete.

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