Whoa, BJ Kang Was A Total Jerk When He Arrested Raj, According To Raj

asha rajRaj and his wife, Asha, during happier times.

Apparently when FBI agent BJ Kang arrested Raj, he was a total jerk. You won’t believe what he said to Raj before he and 5 agents pulled him away from his family.

According to a new interview with Raj in the Daily Beast, when Kang showed up at Raj’s front door in Manhattan at Sutton Place, he told the former hedge fund manager of the Galleon Group –

“Take a good look at your son. You’re not going to see him for a long time.”

“Your wife doesn’t seem so upset. Because she’s going to spend all your money.”

Raj’s wife didn’t show up at court until the last day, when Raj was sentenced to 11 years in jail on October 13th. His kids never came. Raj’s lawyer said that Raj didn’t want to subject them to the “media crush” which did indeed get crazy — and violent — at times.

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