WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Winners Of NBC And Donald Trump's "The Apprentice"

john rich

The eleventh instalment of NBC’s “The Apprentice” (this was a celebrity season) had plenty of dramatic figures, but none who could overshadow Donald Trump this time around.

Still, there was a winner: country singer John Rich.

So what can Rich look forward to?

He follows 10 previous winners of the franchise, who are supposed to get a job within the Trump empire, then move on to an illustrious, high-profile career.

(Or, if they’re already famous, they’re supposed to get a decent publicity bump.)

Let’s see how that turned out for all of them.

Season 9 winner Bret Michaels was already famous, of course -- but his winning product, a new, limited-edition flavour of Snapple tea, was so popular with consumers that the company recently decided to make it a permanent offering.

Season 8 winner, Joan Rivers, was Joan Rivers before and Joan Rivers after. Nothing really changed. But she did win $250,000 for her charity, God's Love We Deliver, on the show.

Season 7 winner Piers Morgan's most important coup? An introduction to American audiences, who would watch him replace Larry King under three years later.

Season 5 winner Sean Yazbeck is president of WAVSYS, a staffing company.

Season 4 winner Randal Pinkett has gone the full-on life guru route (lecture gigs, books on launching a business) and co-founded a consulting firm called BCT Partners.

Season 2 winner Kelly Perdew founded TroopSwap.com, a site designed to bring Groupon-type deals exclusively to military families.

Now check out who just got hired in Hollywood.

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