Who Will Tell The President How Awful Wall Street Is? Paul Volcker

paul volcker barack obamaLook here, young man. You’ve been brainwashed.

Against all the odds, a glimmer of hope for real financial reform begins to shine through.  It’s not that anything definite has happened – in fact most of the recent Senate details are not encouraging – but rather that the broader political calculus has shifted in the right direction.Instead of seeing the big banks as inviolable, top people in Obama administration are beginning to see the advantage of taking them on – at least on the issue of consumer protection.  Even Tim Geithner derided the banks recently as,

“those who told us all they were the masters of noble financial innovation and sophisticated risk management.”

In part this is window dressing.  But in part it recognises political opportunity – the big banks are unpopular because they remain completely unreformed and unrepentant.  And in part it responds to a very real danger – Senator Dodd’s bill is so obviously weak on “too big to fail” issues that it will be hard to paint its opponents as friends of big banks.

Senator Richard Shelby knows this and is taking the offensive.  The administration can convert an easy win into an own goal if it fails to toughen substantially Senator Dodd’s bill.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to address this issue…

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