Who Will Buy Treasuries? That Is The Question [Podcast]

The Fed plans to stop buying Treasuries at the end of June. Who will buy the $120 billion a month in new issuance after that? That’s just one of the issues that The Wall Street Examiner’s Lee Adler, Russ Winter of Winter Watch, and Aaron Krowne of the Mortgage Lender Implode-o-meter, try to answer in this week’s podcast.

In Part 1, free to all visitors (33 minutes), unlike the mainstream media, we reveal the real issues of how the Japanese catastrophe will impact the financial markets in the months ahead. Russ shows how the market is ignoring the real risks in Japan, including the fact that as Japan transitions from a nation of net savings to net spending, it can’t pay for a rebuilding effort without massive inflation. Another key issue being ignored is the impact of supply chain disruption to the world economy.

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In Part 2, for Radio Free Wall Street subscribers only, Lee reviews the NAHB Housing Market Index and reveals the real story behind the misleading numbers and the false headlines. He also reveals data that shows massive losses now piling up on bank balance sheets. At the same time, the banks continue to not buy Treasuries, while piling up gargantuan cash reserves over the past 5 weeks.

Some big banks are likely to report massive surprise losses in quarterly earnings reports to be released in April. Those announcements could trigger a point of recognition that may be the catalyst for a stock market crash. In another development, the foreign central bank bid at this week’s T-bill auctions collapsed. What does that imply about the future? Lee, Russ, and Aaron will provide clear, actionable answers in Part 2 at Radio Free Wall Street.

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