Here Are The Odds On Who Will Be The Next Pope

Big bombshell news of the day is that Pope Benedict will resign on February 28, citing his health.

So who will be the next pope?

Last April, Michael Brendan Dougherty put together a fantastic guide on the likely names, complete with the pros and cons for each name.

For a cruder look, here are the odds, via Irish betting side Paddy Power.

The top contenders by Paddy Power’s odds:

  • Cardinal Marc Ouellet (Canada)
  • Cardinal Peter Turkson (Ghana)
  • Cardinal Leonardo Sandi (Argentina)

A lot of the discussion about the next pope — which will be decided by the Conclave Of The College Of Cardinals in a couple months — will have to do whether the Pope is non-white, and comes from either an African or Latin country.


Photo: Paddy Power


Photo: Paddy Power

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