This is who we think the protester who got into the ECB and glitter bombed Draghi is

ECB protester
The face REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

On Wednesday a protester managed to get into a European Central Bank (ECB) press conference and glitter-bomb Mario Draghi.

It resulted in some pretty hilarious pictures, and a brief interruption as she jumped on Draghi’s desk, shouting “end ECB dictatorship!” 

That slogan was also written on her shirt as “end the ECB d***-tatorship.”

She bears a strong resemblance to this FEMEN activist (some photos in that slideshow are NSFW).

Her name is Josephine Witt  — the feminist protest group has already claimed responsibility according German tabloid BILD.

Frankfurt police have confirmed that the protester has been arrested but haven’t confirmed a name. 

This is apparently the document she was throwing around, from Telegraph journalist Pete Spence:

This story will be updated as we hear more.

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