WHO Warns Up To 10,000 Ebola Cases Could Be Reported Each Week By December

A burial team prepares to deal with an Ebola victim in Liberia. Photo: Getty Images

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed as many as 10,000 new cases of Ebola could be reported each week by December.

WHO assistant director-general Dr Bruce Aylward told a news conference in Geneva that the world could expect between 5,000 and 10,000 new cases of Ebola per week by early December.

The WHO’s latest figures reveal there have been a total 8,914 suspected or confirmed Ebola cases and 4,447 deaths to date, resulting in a mortality rate of just under 50 per cent.

Aylward said Ebola was “a high mortality disease,” and the focus for the U.N. health agency was to get sick people isolated and provide treatment as early as possible.

He said WHO was aiming to get 70 per cent of Ebola cases isolated and 70 per cent of victims safely buried by December to help reverse the outbreak.

Aylward said if a response to the crisis wasn’t “stepped up” in the next two months “a lot more people will die” and health authorities may struggle to deal with the epidemic.

The Ebola virus is “still moving geographically, still escalating”, Aylward added.

He also expressed concern the disease may spread to countries sharing borders with Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

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