Who Should Be Twitter’s Revenue Czar?


Twitter, the messaging/microblogging service, is hiring someone to help them figure out and implement a revenue plan. Who should it be?

Twitter’s job qualifications are fairly standard: An experienced Web product manager who understands advertising, marketing, design, people, and communications. But there’s a catch: They must also be an “active Twitter user.”

We’ll eventually find out if Twitter CEO Evan Williams and co. follow up on the last qualification. But based on that hook, we’ve come up with a few candidates for consideration.

As always, please add yours in comments. If they’re good, we’ll round them up at the end of the week. Meanwhile, a few nominations, in no particular order:

  • Jon Steinberg: Google (GOOG) manager, Twittertise founder. 405 Twitter followers, 1,537 updates.
  • Robert Scoble: Former Microsoft (MSFT) blogger, built Fast Company’s video site. 44,389 followers, 16,184 updates.
  • Mark Fletcher: Bloglines founder, former VP of Ask.com (IACI). 421 followers, 993 updates.
  • Jeff Nolan: Former SAP VC, runs a division of NewsGator Technologies. 1,085 followers, 3,998 updates.
  • Bill Flitter: Founder of Pheedo. 54 followers, 34 updates.
  • John Furrier: Founder of Podtech. 2,073 followers, 2,628 updates.
  • MC Hammer: Internet entrepreneur, expert schmoozer. 14,818 followers, 1,436 updates.

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