Windows Will Work On The iPad!

iPad running Windows 7 via XenDesktop

Citrix claimed today that XenDesktop, its Windows virtualization, will run smoothly on Apple’s (AAPL) forthcoming iPad from launch.

Among other things, this means that users will be able to multitask with the iPad after all.

Citrix runs your instance of Windows on its servers; XenDesktop allows you display its output, and relays your inputs. As a result, the experience (bandwidth willing) is as if you were running Windows locally.

Running applications built for a computer OS, and — especially — running more than one at a time, means that users will be “able to use [their] iPad[s] for real work,” instead of just browsing or reading e-books, according to Citrix’s Chris Fleck.

Too bad software can’t give it a camera, too.

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