Who's Watching Hulu? A Bunch Of Dudes

The last time we looked, users of NBC U (GE) and News Corp.’s (NWS) Web TV service Hulu were more likely to be Baby Boomers than Gen Y. In March, Hitwise estimated 47% of visitors were 55 and older.

But that sample was pulled while Hulu was still in private beta, and presumably over-represented with executives, researchers, and, er, journalists. Now new research suggests Hulu users are a lot younger: 32 years old according to a Solutions Research Group study obtained by Daisy Whitney at TV Week.

That’s not really a surprise, but it is news that Hulu and its advertisers want to hear: That’s 10 years younger than the average age of the online American and nearly 20 years younger than the average network TV viewer, which just recently hit 50.

More good news for Hulu, via Solutions Research Group:  51% of users are between 12 and 29, and two-thirds of them are men, which is also positive for Hulu because young men are a tough demographic to reach on TV.

And yet another positive stat for the video service: the survey ays 15% of Americans are aware of Hulu, which is surprisingly high given the startup hasn’t spent a dime yet mass-marketing the service. Hey, who paid for this study? We have a hunch.

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