SXSW: Who's "This Year's Twitter?" Everyone!

SXSW is into its fourth day, and in the absence of much else to talk about, there’s a lot speculation about what will become “This Year’s Twitter” — the app or service that uses the conference to catapult from unknown to super-hot. Some of the contenders:

Kyte: (SAI) The service allows users to create and post videos taken from any phone. (Underwire) This simple scheduling Web site already has 1,900 users using it to track what’s happening

Socialthing: (CNet) This app organizes various social networking profiles into one place. It hosted a party Sunday night at the PureVolume Ranch.

BricaBox: (CNet) New York’s very own Nate Westheimer launched the roll-your-own social network late February. One of its first iterations was a SXSW party guide. (SAI) This service allows users to create “drops” of different types of media so they can share information and communicate with each other.

Pownce: (CNet) Isn’t Pownce so 2007? Still CNet’s Caroline McCarthy says it’s a contender for this year’s award.

BitStrips: (Business Week) Make your own comic strip/blog, with Twitter-like speech bubbles.

UStream.TV: (Business Week) Veoh is using the live streamer to provide SXSW coverage.

Any other sites catching fire at SXSW? Let us know in comments

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