Who's Still Talking To Yahoo? Everyone. (MSFT, YHOO, TWX, NWS)

Remember those halcyon days of early May, when Microsoft (MSFT) walked away from Yahoo (YHOO), and left Jerry and company isolated and alone? No, we don’t, either. It now seems pretty clear that Yahoo and its bankers have been engaged in a steady stream of chatter, with a whole lot of people, all month.

In addition to the Microsoft talks/non-talks, there’s the Google deal, of course. And as Time Warner’s (TWX) Jeff Bewkes reminded us today in a conference call to discuss his cable spin-off, AOL is still very much in play, whether it’s in some combination with Yahoo or someone else:

“We can acknowledge but not particularly comment on all of the structural moves that some of our competitors are making. We can’t talk about what opportunities might exist for us, in some kind of arrangement… beyond just acknowledging what everyone knows — that those discussions are going on — I can’t really tell you what we’re going to do.”

Meanwhile, we hear that contrary to News Corp.’s less-then-emphatic denials, the company is still very interested in linking up MySpace (NWS) with Yahoo. No details beyond that so far, but we continue to see why Rupert Murdoch would like to swap MySpace for equity, and/or roll it into a larger Web company. We’re still not sure what the upside would be for his potential partners, though.

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