India, the US, and Brazil recorded more than half of the world's coronavirus cases on the same day the WHO announced a record number of cases

Juan Karita/APHealthcare workers dressed in full protective gear organise their documents of data they have collected during a house-to-house new coronavirus testing drive, ringed by a produce market in the Villa Dolores neighbourhood of El Alto, Bolivia, Saturday, July 18, 2020.

The World Health Organisation recorded over 308,000 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, the highest throughout the entire pandemic.

The new record surpasses the last record of 306,857 new infections that were recorded on September 6, the BBC reported.

Three countries: India, the US, and Brazil accounted for over half of all cases. India recorded more than 94,300 cases, the US recorded over 45,500 cases, and Brazil recorded over 43,700 cases.

As of Monday, there have been almost 29 million infections reported to WHO worldwide and over 922,250 deaths.

The US and India now lead the world in a number of cases, with the US reaching more than 6.4 million cases and India with close to 4.9 million cases. More than 1,000 new deaths were also recorded in the two countries on Sunday.

While overall coronavirus cases across the US have been on the decline, many experts are still worried that regions of the country could experience spikes again as college campuses reopen.

The WHO also warned that other countries in Europe could soon see a rise in COVID-19 deaths as cases continue to surge there as well.

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