Who Really Runs Washington? Millions Of Old People


Washington is a city obsessed with power; who has it, who’s losing it, etc.  If you go to a dinner party in Georgetown, people take note of where you sit and speculate about what that means about you, about them and about everyone else at the party.  It was ever thus and it will probably be ever thus.

The pointlessness of this obsession is made plain every year, when the President unveils his new budget. 

Invariably, year after year, more and more benefits are bestowed on senior citizens and soon-to-be senior citizens.  It turns out, year after year, that the AARP runs Washington.  Every year, they win the budget battle by a slightly wider margin than they did the year before.

With the US government running monstrous deficits and collecting diminished tax revenues, one would think that the Reign of the Blue Hairs might finally be reaching its end.  But of course, that’s not true.  The Blues continue to rule the roost.   And until the political elites are willing to take them on, the Blues will rule on. 

This is bad policy on about eight thousand different levels.  Everyone knows this.  No one ever does anything about it.

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