Who Is Winning The Foreign Policy Debate?

Obama Romney debate

Photo: C-SPAN

Here’s how you know who is winning the Foreign Policy debate.This is the crucial one, the final opportunity for both candidates to land a distinct punch where it is needed. 

 Here’s what to look for if Romney is winning:

  • Has Romney successfully cast doubt on Obama’s performance as a commander in chief?
  • How much time has Romney been able to spend talking about the National debt or the economy in the middle of the foreign policy debate?
  • Has Obama’s odds of winning the debate gone below 60% on inTrade, where they started?

Here are the signs Obama is winning:

  • Has Romney landed a punch on Obama with regards to his handling of the attacks in Libya?
  • Has Obama controlled the narrative?
  • How much has Obama been able to tie Romney to Bush?
  • Have Obama’s odds of winning the debate  exceeded 75% for a long period of time?

We’ll have more on this as it develops. 


Here are some tweets from top partisans and reporters about the debate:

Here’s a crash course on everything you need to know about the candidates’ foreign policies >

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