Who Is Jill Kelley And Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Her?

Jill Kelley

The centre of gravity in the Petraeus sex scandal has shifted to a mysterious woman in Tampa, Fla., that many of our top military and law-enforcement brass appear to have become obsessed with.

We know some basic facts about this woman.

What we don’t know, yet, is what it is about her that has caused at least two men and one woman in her orbit to go insane.


  • The woman, Jill Kelley, is the wife of a surgeon and an “unpaid social liaison” to MacDill Air Force base, home to U.S. Central Command. This “job” seems mainly to include hosting and attending parties and emailing with generals and FBI agents.
  • Kelley is originally from Philadelphia and is of Lebanese descent. She has an identical twin sister and three kids. She’s 37.
  • Paula Broadwell, General Petraeus’s mistress, lost her mind and sent anonymous harassing emails to this woman.
  • The FBI agent assigned to investigate the case lost his mind and emailed “shirtless photos” to this woman.
  • Another top US general, John Allen, lost his mind and sent 20,000-30,000 inappropriate emails to this woman.
  • General David Petraeus showed up to a party at this woman’s house in a 28-car motorcade. He and Kelley also exchanged “near-daily emails and instant messages” while he was running the war in Afghanistan, according to the AP. (Kelley insists that she and Petraeus at least are just friends and that he’s like a grandfather to her kids.)
  • In the 10 years that she and her husband have lived in Tampa, one or both have been the subject of at least nine lawsuits “seeking payment of real estate and credit card debts,” according to the Tampa Bay Times. 
  • Kelley’s identical twin sister, Natalie Khawam, a Tampa lawyer who represents whistleblowers, has also had a fair share of legal troubles. She is currently embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with her former employer, whom she has accused of sexual harassment and other charges. The employer has fought back with court documents claiming Khawam has a “history of abusing the litigation process.” According to a bankruptcy petition she filed this year, Khawam lives with the Kelleys in Tampa, and owes $3.2 million in unpaid debt. According to the Chicago Tribune, Khawam was also involved in a brutal custody fight with her former husband, Grayson Wolfe, a Washington, D.C.-based venture capitalist who once worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. The New York Post reports today that Petraeus wrote a letter in support of Khawam to the court in the case, although we have not been able to confirm this. According to the Post, the judge called Khawam a “psychologically unstable person,” and awarded Wolfe sole custody of the couple’s 3-year-old child. 
  • On Monday, Jill Kelley hired the same lawyer who defended John Edwards, and the same crisis PR person who represented Monica Lewinsky, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Vick.
  • Kelley insists that she has done nothing wrong and that she’s the victim here (did anyone suggest she has done anything wrong?)

We don’t know Ms. Kelley ourselves, so we would be grateful to anyone who can enlighten us.

What exactly is it about her that is causing so many people to lose their minds?

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