The Maid’s Brother Speaks Out, As DSK Accuser Described As “Shy, Religious” Immigrant From West Africa

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Some more details are beginning to emerge about the chambermaid that was allegedly assaulted by DSK: her older brother spoke to the Daily Mail and the Daily News (via the Atlantic).She’s 32, tall (about 6 foot) with dark hair; lives in the Bronx; has a daughter; is a devout Muslim; and is very shy.

The Sofitel maid apparently called her brother, who manages a restaurant in Harlem, before anyone else about an hour after the alleged attack.

He then told her she should call an attorney.

Crying the entire time, she said that a guest had “done “something really bad” to her and that he’d trapped her inside the hotel room.

The brother told the Daily Mail,

No family should have to go through this. She is a hard-working woman who is just a victim. She is a wonderful West African immigrant who just wants to work hard

I love her, she is my little sister and she is doing better now she has had a chance to talk to a lawyer. She is somewhere very, very safe and will stay that way.

She’s from Guinea.

According to DNA info, which spoke to neighbours of the alleged victim, she is a “quiet, devout Muslim, single mum and recent West African immigrant who spends long days at her job… [and is] soft-spoken and demure… and keeps mostly to herself.”

She lives in the Bronx, and neighbours said they often see her 15-year-old daughter waiting outside their home for her mum to arrive home from work. She’s been an employee of the Sofitel for about four years, according to the Mail.

Meanwhile, DSK’s defence says that actually, the IMF head and the maid did have sex, but it was consensual.