SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Who Is The American League MVP?

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No matter what some think about Derek Jeter, the American League Most Valuable Player award is going to come down to either Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers and rookie Mike Trout of the Angels.

Cabrera has an outside shot at being the first player to win the triple crown since 1967 (Carl Yastrzemski). He is leading the A.L. in batting (.333), second in home runs (40, 2 behind the leader), and leads in RBI (129). Meanwhile, Trout is second in hitting (.327), has 27 home runs, 46 stolen bases, and adds gold glove defence.

In fact, if all-around play is your criteria, Trout is the MVP, as he has 9.4 Wins Above Replacement (WAR), compared to Cabrera’s 6.6 WAR. But if playing well when it matters is more important, than Cabrera gets the edge.

Both the Angels and Tigers are fighting for the final A.L. Wild Card spot, and while Cabrera has raised his game in September, Trout is disappearing…

Mike Trout vs Miguel Cabrera

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