An Unnamed Billionaire Is Selling 25 Ferraris, 3 Lamborghinis And A Cizeta

brunei sultan car

A broker is selling 25 Ferraris, three Lamborghinis, and a Cizeta, among other rare supercars. All are unregistered with delivery mileage only, which means they almost certainly belong to the Sultan of Brunei. Who is selling the Sultan’s cars?

According to the seller, these amazing vehicles were all ordered brand new from the factory and delivered to the owner who, for some unknown reason, never drove them.

brunei sultan car

Now they’re sitting in a garage in New Zealand begging to be freed from their packaging.

The collection of 25 Ferraris includes an Enzo, F50, and F40 if you’re interested in comparing the evolution of Maranello’s line-toppers. There’s also a pair of Daytonas, a 575 Superamer

brunei sultan car

ica, a 512 TR Spyder, and a 355 Challenge in race and regular spec. The Lamborghinis include a Diablo SE30 and two Countach 25th Anniversary Editions. The two Porsches are the rare (1-of-80) 964 911 Turbo S Leichtbaus.

And then it starts to get strange. An as-new Italdesign V12 Nazca sold along with a Cizeta V16? The Sultan of Brunei had one black Cizeta and one blue Cizeta. The black one already sold and the blue one looks

brunei sultan

. There are only eight, so the odds are pretty good it’s his. The Sultan also had an Italdesign Nazca, which is one of three for that prototype variation.

Either someone is pretending to sell the Sultan’s cars, or they’re actually selling the Sultan’s cars. Because Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah is the head of an oil-rich state, he probably doesn’t have to sell off extra cars to raise capital. Who might? His brother “Playboy Prince” Jefri Bolkiah, who has recently been the subject of legal battles with former lawyers for not paying his fees, and with the Brunei Investment Authority because he appears to have lost $40 billion dollars after spending lavishly on things like statues of him having sex.

The Sultan’s got a habit of giving some of his lesser automobiles to his brother, which seems generous until you remember the Sultan himself owns an amazing collection that includes over 500 Mercedes, 360 Ferraris, 180 Bentleys, and 160 Porsches. Just to name a few. The current lawsuit against Jefri alleges he has a “history of concealment and dissipation of assets” and a past judgment mentions he surrendered “over 2000 cars.”

This wouldn’t be the first time one of the Sultan’s former cars went up for sale. This summer he sold one of his Ferrari F50s. So maybe Jefri isn’t unloading the cars, maybe the Sultan’s just making space in his garage for a new fleet of Bugattis.

We’ve contacted the seller to inquire about how the cars traveled from the Sultan’s collections — if they are indeed his cars — to New Zealand. There’s a large grey market for collectors cars attended to mostly by people who don’t like to talk about their craft, so we’re not expecting a response.

It’s possible there’s another collector in the world with the same mix of rare cars who never drove them and decided to put them up for sale. If it’s true, we want to meet this collector. In the meantime, if you’ve got $470,000 sitting around the Cizeta is a steal.

(Hat tip to James Ward!)

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