Meet Princess Iman, the 19-year-old from Jordan who's the spitting image of her royal mum

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan is renowned for championing education, public health, and women’s rights in the Middle East and around the world.

Named Glamour’s Woman of the Year in 2010, she told the magazine, “Look at any country that’s plagued with poverty, disease or violence; The antidote is girls. Girls are the antibodies to many of society’s ills.” She also happens to be a fashion icon admired for her polished looks.

And there’s one girl in particular who already seems to be making an impact: her 19-year-old daughter, Princess Iman, who is quickly becoming a style icon in her own right.

When she’s not hitting the books as a student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Princess Iman joins her mother on royal outings in their native Jordan and to places like the United Kingdom, France, Italy, China and Japan. And their resemblance is uncanny.

Princess Iman has 3 other siblings: Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, Princess Salma, and Prince Hashem. According to a family tree on the official Hashemite family website, they are direct descendants of the prophet Muhammad.

 She graduated from the Internation Academy of Amman, which her mother founded, in 2014.

Her older brother, Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, also went to Georgetown and earned a degree in International History. 

Unlike her mother and older brother, the Princess doesn’t have any public social media presence. But that doesn’t stop her from making guest appearances on her mother’s active accounts, where she can be seen dining with young orphans after a day of fasting during Ramadan or visiting local businesses on the historic Rainbow Street in Amman.

Nor does it stop people from noticing her impeccable style.

She may attract attention as her mother’s mini-me, but if her mother’s accomplishments are anything to go by, Princess Iman is destined for even bigger things.


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