The US could end up paying for North Korea's stay at a luxury hotel during the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore

  • The US is reportedly looking for ways to facilitate travel accommodations for North Korean officials set to meet President Donald Trump on June 12.
  • Kim Jong Un’s team reportedly indicated Kim Jong Un’s entourage preferred to stay at an island resort near the coast.
  • One night in the presidential suite at the Fullerton reportedly costs over $US6,000.

With preparations for President Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore well underway, one of the biggest logistical hurdles may come down to a simple question: who is paying for Kim’s hotel?

In a report published on Friday, The Washington Post said US officials were apparently looking for answers to that question, shedding new light on the practical and diplomatic implications of planning what will be a first-ever meeting for the two leaders.

According to the report, North Korean officials indicated Kim’s entourage prefers one particular hotel, the Fullerton, an island resort near the coast. The presidential suite there costs about $US6,000 per night. It was not immediately clear whether Kim’s team would indeed stay at the Fullerton, or its presidential suite.

The US team, led by White House deputy chief of staff Joe Hagin, was reportedly open to paying for Kim’s stay, but was also aware the gesture might be perceived by the North Korean side as an insult. At worst, Pyongyang could escalate tensions with the US in order to save face.

Alternatively, US officials were considering asking Singapore to pay for North Korea’s expenses, The Post said.

In February, North Korea’s travel expenses during the 2018 Winter Olympics were paid for by South Korea, after 424 North Koreans attended the events. South Korea paid for the $US2.64 million bill that covered their accommodations at luxury hotels and food.

Trump announced on Friday that the US-North Korea summit is back on, just days after he canceled it.

“I think you’re going to have a very positive result in the end,” Trump said to reporters on Friday.

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