Ex-Barclays Trader Reportedly Caught On Video Terrorizing Construction Workers In Singapore

olivier desbarres

Photo: YouTube

A top Barclays trader was allegedly caught on video threatening the lives of construction workers in an expletive filled rant outside his Singapore home last month, according to reports by The U.K.’s The Times and Asia’s The Straits Times (h/t @finsansakrobat)Olivier Desbarres, formerly of Credit Suisse, was the head of Barclays FX strategy in Asia. Upset about the noise in his neighbourhood, he approached construction workers that had been building outside his house for 6 months, and let out the following (you can check out the video here):

From The Times:

“I’m gonna go after you. I’m gonna burn your f**cking house down,” he shouts in the video. “You have no respect. You know what? You’re f**cking animals. Chinese f**cking animals… I have a life. I have a family. You break that, I will find your f**cking family. I can find it very easily — I’m a man with resources.” The berserk banker, who I can reveal was one Olivier Desbarres, then snatches up a large sheet of metal and hurls it into the construction pit, luckily avoiding causing any injuries.”

Debarres, wearing shorts and sandals, only got more enraged when he realised that he was being video taped (from The Times).

“You’re filming me? You think that’s good? Put your f**cking phone down because I’m going to wait for you to come out and take that phone and shove it up your f**cking arse.”

He then picked up a sheet of zinc and hurled it at workers, luckily, hitting no one.

Desbarres has since left (or been let go from) Barclays. The meltdown makes a sharp contrasts with Debarres’ various appearances on financial television discussing currency strategy amid the Euro crisis.

Check out this Bloomberg video from about 9 months ago:



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