Meet Lolo Jones, The Athlete Who Says Staying A Virgin Is 'Harder Than Training For The Olympics'

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Lolo Jones made waves yesterday when HBO released a clip from a “Real Sports” feature where she said keeping her virginity is “harder than training for the Olympics.”Last night, the full feature aired, and guess what: Lolo’s virginity is only like the 5th most interesting thing about her.

As it turns out, she grew up dirt poor and quasi-homeless in Iowa before miraculously overcoming her circumstances.

She now makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in endorsements, and she’s poised to become the breakout star of the 2012 Olympics.

When she was little, her father taught her how to shoplift. She'd steal TV dinners from grocery stores so she and her siblings would have something to eat

Somehow, the rough upbringing didn't hold Lolo back. She was an honour student in high school, and earned a scholarship to LSU to run track

When she hit it big, she stayed in Louisiana — buying this monster house where her mother now lives with her

After the 2008 Olympics, her off-the-track career took off. She now makes somewhere in the healthy six-figures from endorsements and modelling, HBO says

It wasn't always this way. After not qualifying for the 2004 Olympics, she worked multiple jobs to stay above water — she took out trash, waited tables, and worked at Home Depot

Her father just got out of jail, where he's been for most of his adult life. She still stays in touch with him, despite the fact that he wasn't there for most of her life and used to beat her mother

Oh yeah, she's a virgin. She tweeted the news earlier this year in response to people asking why she's single

Despite her off-the-track success, she still has to prove herself on the big stage. She tripped and fell in 100m hurdles in 2008. This year, she'll have to get gold to keep her popularity surging

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