Roy Moore's wife is waging an all-out war against reporters amid mounting sexual misconduct allegations against her husband

  • Kayla Moore has aggressively defended her husband, GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, amid mounting sexual misconduct claims.
  • Some media figures on the right have attempted to discredit reporting on the allegations.

In the week since the first sexual misconduct allegations were reported against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, one person has stepped up to aggressively defend him: his wife Kayla.

The former Alabama judge’s wife has taken to social media to vociferously defend her husband by slamming news outlets.

Moore attempted to cast standard reporting — reaching out to acquaintances and family members — as harassment, sharing the contact information of a Washington Post reporter who was working on a story about her (Business Insider redacted the number).

She dubbed a New Yorker story that suggested the former judge was barred from an Alabama mall a “hit piece,” saying it “would have been nice if the press would find out the truth first before they run with gossip.” She also urged her Facebook followers to report contacts from news organisations to the Moore campaign.

The posts come amid a barrage of attacks on the press, and specifically The Post, which seek to muddy the waters by attempting to discredit the reporting of various news outlets.

Alabama residents received fake robocalls from a person posing as a Washington Post reporter offering to pay people to make damaging remarks about Moore. (The Washington Post reported on the incident and denied that they paid supporters or sent the robocall.)

Moore allies on the right have also attempted to discredit specific allegations against the candidate.

Breitbart News has repeatedly cast doubt about the allegations, while conspiracy websites like the Gateway Pundit suggested that Beverly Young Nelson — who accused Moore of assaulting her when she was 16-years-old — faked Moore’s signature in her yearbook, a crucial piece of evidence that the two knew each other.

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